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Bhoomi online RTC Land Record is a major project of the Karnataka State Government. The project Bhoomi online portal was launched in 2000. The full form of RTC is Record of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops. Under this Bhoomi online RTC scheme or pahani, all handwritten Documents were computerized through data entry and distributed to the public at kiosk centers. All ownership of RTCs or any other changes is done through mutations in accordance with the KLR Act using the Land Record Database. For this purpose, land back offices have been established in all taluks of the state. LR kiosk and application kiosk counters have been set up in each back office.

Benefits of Bhoomi online portal for farmers:

The Bhoomi is an internet portal for shipping property records in Karnataka state. Intro of Bhoomi producing the Government property records more receptive to the citizen in India. The Department of Revenue in Karnataka has computerized land possession of farmers within this portal site. Bhoomi portal is improving transparency and providing more access to property recording details.

⭐ Scheme Name:Bhoomi RTC online
⭐ Launched by:Karnataka State Government
⭐ Benefits:Citizens of Karnataka 
⭐ Objective of the scheme:Get land-related information
⭐ Official Website Link:
Bhoomi online RTC Land Record Karnataka Pahani 2021

RTC Pahani, Mutation Extract, Mutation Status, and Tippan records are issued to the taxpayer/farmers throughout Kiosk Centers.

Pahani Bhoomi login for farmers: 

Karnataka RTC Bhoomi online land records are highly beneficial for farmers in Karnataka. Bhoomi rtc portal has decreased the discretion of officials. A farmer Landlord can currently avail below-mentioned centers from Bhoomi.

Obtain a printed copy of this Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crops (RTC) is available on the internet by offering the title of the proprietor or plot amount.

Apply for any other functions a former could easily receive a copy of property record documents through Bhoomi.

Farmers can get mutation requests to change land records in Bhoomi.

By seeing the Bhoomi portal site a farmer can assess the status of a mutation program.

Crop details can be found on the internet RTC, it’s useful for insuring their plants.

For claim purposes, harvest data from the RTC may be utilized.

Bhoomi Pahani eases quicker disposal of property disputes demanded by courts for example notices issued for the mutation to impacted parties.

How to get online RTC in Bhoomi Karnataka:

Follow the instructions below to get Bhoomi online RTC:

The RTC document displayed here is digitally signed by village accountants.

Step 1: Click the button below to go directly on Bhoomi online for citizen login page But before clicking, understand how to get Bhoomi RTC or Pahani.

Pahani Bhoomi login for farmers

Step 2: Enter your first name and last name, 10 digits Mobile number to receive SMS, email id, and Adhaar Card number.

Step 3: After inputting all details click proceed To the next step.

Step 4: Enter these details on this page such as District, Taluk, Hobli, Village, Survey number, Surnoc, Hissa no., Validity RTC, etc.

details District, Taluk, Hobli, Village, Survey number, Surnoc, Hissa no

Step 5: After inputting all details on fetch particulars.

Step 6: Details associated with property records will be displayed. To see RTC click view RTC option.

Step 7: After seeing your Bhoomi RTC Pahani, Click Pay and Download Option display on the screen.

Step 8: After clicking the Pay now button, pay ₹ 15. And download your Bhoomi RTC Pahani in PDF format.

download your Bhoomi RTC Pahani in PDF format


How to view RTC and MR?

Step 1. Go to
Step 2. Click on VIEW RTC and MR
Step 3. Select District, Taluk, Hobli, Village
Step 4. Submit survey number
Step 5. Select Surnoc, Hissa no., Period and year 
Step 6. Click on Fetch details 
Now the owner details RTC are presented in front of you.

Important Information 

  • If the website is not running, the reasons maybe-
  • At present, a lot of people are using the Bhoomi portal of the Karnataka government.

For this reason, the server is not working.

  • General information has to be obtained for this information.
  • This copy cannot be used as a certified/authorized copy in the court or other offices even at this time.
  • Please apply at the prescribed kiosk center or public facility provided for the certified/authorized copy.

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